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Interoperability and Reuse of Geoscience Models

Name of Session Leads: Yolanda Gil (GeoSoft), Tanu Malik (GeoDataspace), Scott Peckham (Earth Systems Bridge, GeoSoft, GeoDataspace)



This session will consider a motivating use case of geoscience model reuse and interoperability. It will demonstrate how the use case is being addressed at various technology levels in three currently funded building blocks: the Earth Systems Bridge project, the GeoSoft project, and the GeoDataspace project. The session will present and discuss work on a variety of related issues such as best practices for model sharing, publishing, and reuse, standardized interfaces to enable plug-and-play model coupling (e.g. the Basic Model Interface, BMI), standardized metadata to fully describe models (including their input and output variables and assumptions). The session will present and discuss emerging tools for packaging model and data, and acquiring, browsing, comparing and exporting the accompanying metadata.  It will also explore possible synergistic points between these three building blocks that can help address larger and more realistic use cases. The objective will be to solicit feedback from the geoscience community, understand issues of geoscience model interoperability, curation, and reuse as faced by geoscientists on a daily basis. 



Tentative Structure

  Presentation of a combined use case from Earth Systems Bridge, GeoSoft, and GeoDataspace (15 mins)
  Demonstration of individual projects capability (45 mins)
  Demonstration of possible synergies and discussion of how these projects can enable end-to-end reusability and interoperability (30 mins)

Target Audience


  The target audience is computational geoscientists, cyber-infrastructure specialists, NSF, and anyone interested in general approaches to cross-domain data and software reuse.