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EarthCube Conceptual Design: the GEAR Project

Title: EarthCube Conceptual Design: the GEAR Project

Authors: I. Zaslavsky; S. M. Richard; D. W. Valentine; T. Malik; A. Gupta

Funded project: GEAR

Geoscience Enterprise Architecture for Research (GEAR) is an EarthCube conceptual design project focusing on developing the foundations of a community-driven cyberinfrastructure (CI) to address the grand challenges of integrative Earth science research and education. We are approaching EarthCube design as a complex and evolving socio-technical federation of systems, in which communication between various domain subsystems, people and organizations enables more comprehensive, data-intensive research designs and knowledge sharing. The poster will present the status and key findings of the project, describe our design methodology and challenges, and discuss main project deliverables. We specifically focus on cyberinfrastructure patterns enabling scientifically sound information and software discovery and reuse across domains, efficient management of ever increasing volume and complexity of geoscience information, reproducible collaborative science, and efficient scholarly communication, engagement and interaction between geoscientists and computer scientists